EM360™ Cordless Backpack Electrostatic™ Disinfectant Sprayer
Cordless Backpack

EMist® EM360™ Electrostatic™ Disinfectant Sprayer

Used to Combat COVID-19

A complete system designed to keep people healthier. No wiping, more effective and less expensive than other methods. It delivers comprehensive high-touch surface coverage up to 3 times faster than comparable equipment — 5,000 sq. m. per hour and with a more consistent and uniform disinfectant coating. It reduces chemical costs up to 50% and reduces labor costs up to 45%. The patented System applies any water-soluble disinfectant.

The system delivers hours of continuous spray coverage. Just squeeze the trigger and go to work. Room-to-room and building-to-building, cover more space with greater chemical adhesion.

Cloth and spray or ready to use wipes can spread bugs around causing cross-contamination. “The system is touchless and prevents the spread of germs”. Less touching means less labour and less chemical and more efficiency.

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Facts at a glance

  • 360º comprehensive coverage

  • Uses 75% less chemicalse

  • 54,000 square feet per hour coverage time

  • Reduces labor time by 45%.

  • Saves 50% on the cost of solutions

Product Specification

  • Cordless

  • Two hour continuous battery life

  • One gallon tank

  • Empty weight: 16 lbs.

  • Filled weight: 25 lbs.

  • Quiet – 65 decibel noise level

  • Easy conversion from backpack to roller cart

  • One year warranty

System includes

  • 1 Applicator

  • 1 Power Pack

  • 1 Tank

  • 1 Harness

  • 1 Holster

  • 1 ESD Grounding Strap

  • 1 Rechargeable Battery

  • 1 Battery Charger

Viroprotect Disinfectant System

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Schools Disinfectant System
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Emergency Vehicles Disinfectant System
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Nursing Homes Disinfectant System
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Hospitals Disinfectant System
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Facility Management Disinfectant System
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Viroprotect COVID-19 Disinfectant System

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