EMist® EX-7000™ TruElectrostatic™ Disinfectant Sprayer

EX7000 Backpack

EMist® EX-7000™ TruElectrostatic™ Disinfectant Sprayer

Used to Combat COVID-19

If you’re doing work professionally and looking for the best lightweight electrostatic backpack sprayer, the EX-7000 is the tool you’ve been waiting for. The unit is compact and is the best option to ensure even application, increased coverage, and reduced chemical and labor costs.

Lightweight at just 8.1 pounds bare and only 14.9 pounds fully loaded, the EX-7000 is 51% lighter than other systems, cordless, and easy to operate. It’s the most compact high-performance electrostatic backpack sprayer you can get your hands on. The EX-7000 goes where you want to go comfortably, quietly, and quickly.

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Facts at a glance

    • TruElectrostatic™ – Yes


    • Weight (loaded) 14.9 lbs (6.8 KG)


    • Weight (empty) 8.1 lbs (3.7 KG)


    • High-touch coverage 44,300 high-touch sq. ft


    • Tank Capacity 0.82 Gal / 3.1 Liters


    • Cordless Yes


    • Polarity Bipolar (+ and -)


    • Grounding Not required


    • Droplet Size 75 microns


Product Specification

    • Spray Distance 24-36”


    • Dimensions 18.5” X 9.5” X 6.25”


    • Chemical Any Water-Soluable


    • Battery(s) 14.4 V Lithium Ion (2)


    • Charger 14.4V


    • Battery Life 2 hours continuous


    • Warranty 1-Year


    • Complete System Includes: Backpack, Tank, Sprayer, Harness, 2 Batteries, Charger, Training Toolkit and 1-Year Warranty


System Includes

    • 1 Backpack


    • 1 Tank


    • 1 Sprayer


    • 1 Harness


    • 2 Rechargeable Battery


    • 1 Battery Charger


    • 1 Training Toolkit


    • 1 Year Warranty



MobileUsing smart technology and
powered by advanced lithium-ion battery, the EPIX360 is more reliable, versatile, and longer-working.
CordlessLess noise, more convenient,
and greater mobility in a work-horse,
compact design.
EffectiveMobile, cordless and driven by
the new EPIX electrostatic technology,
we’re talking about the world’s most
advanced sprayer. And unlike other handhelds, it really works.

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